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Smoke catering brings our original, Texan made 12 foot smoker on-site at your event where we will cook for you and your guests.

We provide an incognito gazebo that attaches to the smoker allowing for cover.
We use carefully chosen, appropriate catering equipment and utensils to deliver an authentic Texas BBQ experience.

We cater towards all events such as private parties, weddings and corporate gatherings.
All events include house BBQ sauce, pickles, bio-degradable cutlery and serving plates.

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All of our delicious meats are cooked using a bespoke smoker. Using only seasoned wood logs, we create a fire in the smoker's firebox. Along it's journey through the smoker, the smoke penetrates the meat, breaking down the fats to produce a beautiful, juicy, and buttery texture.

The smoke adds a subtle, but unmistakable, hint of fire and smoke that brings back an overwhelming, comforting and age old taste of real outdoors cooking.

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About Us

Smoke Catering is a family business set up and run by Claire and Robyn Dacey, Claire a Somerset girl and Rob an American, also brought up in Somerset.

Our team is us (husband and wife) plus our 3 very helpful children, Zach, Bella and Max. In 2011 we took a trip to Texas to visit with family and embark on a road trip around the huge and iconic piece of America known as the ‘Lone Star State’

Whilst visiting Dallas and Austin and experiencing the city life of these up and coming American cities, we drove across never ending highways, stopped at roadside diners, galloped on horses through ‘Western’ terrain only seen in movies, we stopped and starred as cowboy ranchers brought longhorn cattle through small town streets, we camped in little wood cabins by rivers and feebly attempted to dance the ‘Texas two-step’ in a real open aired saloon in the tiny town of Bandera (the official cowboy capital of the U.S.) where friends and families come together and cook their own bought steaks over giant open wood-fire pits, whilst the house provides the baked potato, salads and sides and of course the beer and wine. When chatting to the ranchers wearing their best cowboy shirts and hats, we got a sense of real Americana and it left us wanting more.

So… we returned!

Feeling inspired, thanks to the movie ‘Chef’, we finally jumped in the deep end and bought an authentic Texas made Smoker in September 2015, we then returned to Texas in November 2015 to undertake BBQ training from one of Texas’ most respected and well known BBQ Pitmasters ‘Doug Pickering’ where we learnt the find art of smoking meat using nothing but wood logs. We then met Chad, the man who built our smoker in the depths of central Texas and undertook a BBQ expedition eating in some of the best smokehouses in Texas.

And wow… Slices of beef that melt in your mouth, tender ribs, spicy sausage and beef ribs that can only be described as a fillet steak on the bone, all available with a variety of intensely flavoured ‘BBQ’ beans, moist-warm corn bread and crunchy creamy coleslaw, not only that but the incredible scent of wood burning and meat cooking that taps into that age old comforting feeling of ‘we are about to it’, and eat ‘GOOD’!

With a background in hospitality spanning over 13 years each, from cheffing, waiting tables, to eventual hotel and restaurant management in some of England͛’s most inspiring country hotels and pubs, we decided to embark on an adventure of our own: to bring our experience of Texas͛’s passion for delicious slowcooked BBQ to English shores…No gimmicks…no electricity…no gas…just wood – heat – meat accompanied by carefully chosen sides. We hope you all will enjoy and be able to experience genuineTexan BBQ at its best.


Claire & Robin

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Claire: 07591 527267
Claire is in charge of organising, planning, booking and meeting.

Rob: 07831 949292
Rob is our ‘Pitman’ and he’s the smoke boss.

Zach: he’s our director of mischief!

Email: info@smokecatering.com

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